OUT MTB was started in 2024 by a group of friends who knew each other through OutdoorLads, a well-known charity for gay men that organises walks, camping trips, and more.

Wanting to share our love for mountain biking (and gravel riding) with the wider LGBTQ+ community, we decided to become our own entity so we can fully focus on our passion.

Our ride leaders

Our Ride Leaders are all volunteers with a passion for Mountain Biking and keen to help others get into the sport and help existing Mountain Bikers explore the wide array of trails that the UK has to offer. They are all outdoor first-aid trained and have a wealth of skills and experience to resolve issues out on the trails.

Notice how we’re all cis gay men? Please help us become more inclusive. Read more →

Our mission

At OUT MTB we want to:

  1. Create a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant community for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies passionate about mountain biking, fostering a safe environment for all members to share their love for the sport, regardless of skill level.
  2. Become the leading LGBTQ+ mountain bike group in the UK, known for its supportive community, diverse activities, and contributions to both the LGBTQ+ and mountain biking communities.

Our biggest challenge to achieve our mission in 2024 is our lack of diversity. We were founded by a group of cis, white and predominantly gay men – but we want to change that. Please don’t be put off to try OUT MTB and get stuck in to help us be led by the wider community we aim to represent. 💚

Our Steering Committee

Thank you to these wonderful volunteers for making sure OUT MTB happily keeps ticking over. We’re always happy to nominate new members for our Steering Committee. If you’re interested, please speak to any of the lovely people below: